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Do I need to be a hairdresser to buy on your website?

No, we are open to the general public and anyone can buy from our site.

Do you post throughout Australia or only to major cities?

Yes, we post to Australia wide and internationally.


I haven’t received a payment confirmation email yet, why?

If you have paid, a payment confirmation email has been sent to you :) Please check your Junk or Spam inbox. The confirmation email address will be from either or

Is NED Australian owned?

Yes, NED is an Australian owned Melbourne based company.

What are NED hair and grooming products made of?

NED always uses the highest quality ingredients available to create the best performing formula, which involves natural ingredients where possible. Like all natural or pharmaceutical products, test patch before use.

Are NED products vegan?

Yes. All NED grooming products are vegan-friendly.

Are NED products tested on animals?

No. NED products are not tested on animals. 100% cruelty free!

What sustainability actions are taken at NED to protect the environment?

Minimal use of plastics and dyes for our packaging and recyclable materials where possible.

How to remove beard wax

Use a beard wash or shampoo (such as The Oasis One) and allow it to soak into your beard for a few minutes so that it binds to the wax. Next, use a quality beard comb to get rid of any excess wax and shampoo.  

How do you use beard oil?

Beard oil is best applied after a shower or warm towel wash.

  1. Squeeze the pipette to fill the applicator with beard oil.
  2. Squeeze 1-3 drops (or as much as you want) in the palm of your hands.
  3. Rub the oil in to the palm of your hands to ensure a more even spread in your beard.
  4. Begin to massage the oil deep through your beard working backwards against the hair.

Can you use beard wax and oil together?

Yes. Oil first and then finish with the wax.

When one is better than the other

We recommend using beard oil and beard wax together for an epic beard. However, there are situations where using just one might be more beneficial:

  • If your beard is a fully grown thicket, beard wax is better at smoothing flyaways and sculpting a tidy appearance.
  • Going on a trip? Pack beard wax rather than beard oil, since it’s less likely to spill in your toiletries/luggage. Alternatively, pack the NED Beard Travel Kit.
  • If you’re in the first few weeks of beard growth, beard oil is like the nectar of the gods. Apply it daily (and reapply up to 3x during the day) for relief from itch, redness, and irritation.

How do you use beard wax?

Beard wax is best applied on a freshly washed beard. We recommend starting with beard shampoo, and if you want to use oil as well, apply the beard oil prior to using wax.

Here’s how to use NED beard wax:

  1. Clean your beard. We recommend using NED The Oasis One beard shampoo for a subtle and refreshing peppermint scent. Rinse with warm water.
  2. Dry your beard off using a towel. If you prefer to blow dry, use the dryer on a cool or medium heat setting and take breaks during the process to protect your beard from heat damage.
  3. Use a beard comb to untangle and tidy up. If you decided to blow dry, comb and dry at the same time to prevent tangles and make it easier to style.
  4. Warm the underside of the sealed wax tin with hot water to soften it.
  5. Use your finger to get about a 5c piece worth of wax from the tin.
  6. Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger to soften it further. Or, you can rub it into the palm of your hand until it’s soft.
  7. Using small amounts of wax each time, apply the wax to the sides of your beard first, then once evenly applied, add to the front of your beard. Massage it in and continue the process until the wax is used up. Depending on your preferred style, you can spread the wax using your beard comb as it makes the distribution of the wax even and simpler to set into shape.

How do you use pomade on your hair?

What’s the difference between mattifying moulding paste and pomade?

The Mattifying Moulding Paste, The Bush One is for a strong matte finish hold. It creates texture and has medium to strong hold. The difference with the Pomade, The Ranger One is that The Ranger One is a wet, slick look. It’s like a gel meets wax but more polished and groomed than natural.



What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept debit card, credit card, Amex and Afterpay.

Credit card (ANZ)

Is Buying Online Safe?

Our website is secure with safe checkout and SSL. All credit card details are private – we do not (EVER) get access to card details after a purchase.


How do I place an Order?

Add the product you’re after to cart by clicking “Add to Cart”. When you’re ready to checkout, click on the trolly icon to view your order. Follow the prompts through the checkout to complete your purchase.

How Do I Track My Order?

You’ll receive an order notification after purchasing. Once your order is dispatched by our dispatch team, you’ll receive a notification from that the order is on is way. In some cases this notification may be delayed. Please note the date of dispatch in your tracking confirmation email.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please send an email to for a fast response.

How Can I Return a Product?

Please see our returns and faults policy here:

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