Why you’re going to love the NED Clippings Catcher

Do you dread having to clean up your hair after grooming? The truth is at-home noggin and beard grooming is a pretty messy and tedious task. But it doesn’t have to be.

The NED clippings catcher is Australia’s favourite men’s grooming accessory that lessens manual cleanup and makes getting rid of your trimmings simple.

Benefits of using the NED clippings catcher

Clipping catchers are used at barber shops every day. Since COVID though, this at-home trimming tool has become increasingly popular, mostly because they solve an issue that all bearded men have – making a mess while trimming or shaving. Check out the key benefits for having a clip catcher of your own below.

Less Trimming Mess on the Bathroom Sink

The simple design of NED clippings catcher stops the clippings from hitting the floor, keeping both you and the room you’re in clean. 

The lower corners of the NED clippings catcher have suction cups to attach to the mirror, while the top part of the clippings catcher wraps around the neck with velcro to stop stray hairs from landing on the chest and shoulders. Between the wrapped neck and the suction cups the catcher sags down to capture the hairs from trimming or shaving.


NED clippings catcher can significantly reduce your grooming time. If you need to smash out a trim before an important meeting or a date, you’ll be able to quickly dispose of your hairs in the bin. No time lost trying to push hairs down your sink drain, rinse them off your shower curtain, flush them down the toilet, or picking up handfuls and attempting to carry them to the bin.

Easier & More Sustainable Hair Disposal

NED clippings catcher is designed to make grooming easy so that beard hair and hair trimmings don’t spray all over the room. Rather than brushing up clippings from every surface or trying to flush them down the sink (which can be damaging to the environment), simply use your shavings catcher to dump them straight into the compost bin following the steps below.

How to dispose of your clippings once you’re finished grooming:

  • Unplug the suctions from the mirror carefully with the neck still wrapped
  • Keep your suction cups close-ish to the body and make sure the centre of the catcher is welled and not taught
  • Open the bin
  • Drop one suction cup corner over the top of the bin and say goodbye to those unwanted hairs!

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NED Clippings Catcher Review

“I’ve been using the NED clippings catcher for a few months now. I honestly hated cleaning up after a trim so I didn’t really cut my hair very often. Now though, I trim all the time before meetings. My girlfriend loves it.” 

– Trent, NED Customer

It’s a Real Household Pleaser

Get the NED Clippings Catcher online now.
Your other housemates will thank you for it!

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