Ethical accessories designer.

Where are you from?
I hail from Gharsana a small town in North Indian state of Rajasthan.

What’s your thing?
Keeping peace with self is what I dig most,   World is a too big of a term, we all want to make it better but our self is where our world is, most of us forget ourselves in chasing dreams/things that we are told to have or we should have. listening to self is most important. When we are in harmony with self, we bring harmony to people we meet and world we live in.

Why the beard?
A brown man’s beard is stuck in religion I will try to take it outta there. Also I think I look stupid without it.

 What will you be remembered for?
A happy man.

What Charity do you support ?
UNHCR. We look for life on different planets crossing galaxies and where life is we don’t value it enough. “Vasudev katumbkum” is what I learnt in primary school and somehow embraced it whole heartedly, it means world is a big family. And UNHCR supports this.